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In light of May being Mental Health Awareness month, it seems only right to discuss this self-reflective journal. This time is about YOU! We all go through things and there is no reason to be ashamed for reaching out for help. Your mind is the most powerful tool you own, and if it is not healthy no other part of you can be. It's okay, if you're not okay. Please don't go through it alone. There are so many people in the world waiting to help guide you through anything you're struggling with. Don't let your voice go unheard!


    How Happy Do YOU            WANT To Be?

Sometimes you have to be hurt in order to make a change. It’s unfortunate but in life we take the good with the bad. It’s all a part of the feeling process. Please don’t tolerate anyone making you feel like you’re not worthy. Trust that if things are not working out, there is a reason for it. Sometimes it’s just not the right time, or you could just not be right for each other, but there are always signs. Pay attention to them. Don’t discredit them because you want things to work. Once you feel that person is not for you, believe that.


         You know yourself better than anyone else. So why wouldn’t you trust your own gut telling you to walk away? Why would you doubt that you know what’s best for you? You’re the only one who can feel when something ain’t right in your soul. Don’t deny that.


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